Virginia Freire Photography |  Brooklyn, NY

About the Studio

At Virginia L. S. Freire Photography, we capture the magic of relationships, the joys of family life, and the essence of unique personalities in artful portraiture that decorates the home. All of our work is carefully crafted in heirloom quality and produced through a professional experience and a meaningful collaboration with our clients.

Our success is directly rooted in the relationships that we build with the children we photograph and with their families. Through her background in child development, innate ability to relate to children, and readiness to join in their escapades, Virginia develops a personal connection with the little and big people that she photographs. We do everything in our power to create a fun and successful portrait experience for our clients and guarantee complete satisfaction.

“What is clearly visible in all of the artwork is the love between all of us, the excitement and anticipation of the new parents to be and the joy in all our hearts. I love the genuine warmth and compassion you put into everything.” – Trish